How can I be referred?

  1. Let us know that you are thinking of being referred and we can assist you with the process.

  2. Make an appointment to see your GP who will have a copy of our referral form. If you wish you can download it from below but it will need to be completed by your GP.

  3. Your GP will need to use the Referral Form as a checklist to make sure you have had all the relevant tests and excluded all other possible causes for your symptoms. There are also some blood tests which you may need to have if you haven’t had them in the last six months.

  4. Your GP can then send the referral form to us here at South Coast Fatigue where it will be screened and processed.

Referral Information for GPs

  1. If you are considering referring one of your patients and would like more information please telephone the service on (01489) 668109.

  2. Please complete the Referral Form using it as a checklist – there is no medical opinion within the team at South Coast Fatigue so we rely on your knowledge as GPs or from other professionals that may have seen your patient to have excluded the conditions listed on the form and to have already made the diagnosis of CFS/ME. We cannot see your patient unless you have initialled the box on page 1 to confirm a diagnosis has been made.


  3. Please send the Referral Form along with all screening tests and any other relevant clinical correspondence, details of treatment/input to date to us at South Coast Fatigue either by post or secure email to

Referral Form

You can download the form and send it to us using the button below.